QR Code Scanner 2021

QR Code Scanner 2021 100% FREE! COOL! and EASY!
QR Code Scanner 2021 is the best QR code and Barcode scanner for Android and create QR codes and share them with other people.
You can also save QR codes in the history list and perform different actions like open a link in the browser, send an SMS, make a phone call, detect BTC, ETH wallet and tracking them in blockchain etc.

Cryptocurrency Tracker

Cryptocurrency Tracker allowing you to search and tracking Bitcoin, Ethereum wallets either by their public address or by a QR Code. It will show you the wallet balance and transaction history of Bitcoin, Ether on blockchain and then it's the easiest way to get overview all your cryptocurrencys investment.

WiFi Password Viewer

WiFi Password Viewer is only used to show the WiFi passwords which you have been connected. Warning: WiFi Password Viewer can't show the networks passwords that you have never been connected.

Device ID Changer

A 64-bit number (as a hex string) that is randomly generated when the user first sets up the device and should remain constant for the lifetime of the user's device.

How to change the android device id (ANDROID_ID)?
The ANDROID_ID may change if a factory reset is performed on the device. So, We can change ANDROID_ID without factory reset to avoid lost the phone data.

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